Helmet and Cover in imported Isophthalic Gel Coat anti osmosis / UV filter laminated with Nautical Iso / orthophthalic anti osmotic resin. High resistance and low weight Sandwich cover, with anti-slip matrix. Fully laminated and watertight deck and hull.

Detail according to premium version.

Inflatable pontoons in extra plus welded PVC, variable diameter: 50 / 40mm. Two colors and decorative sashes. 3 watertight compartments, local reinforcements in bottom area and anchor line. Internal security garland, perimeter rubber boot, 7 handles, pulpit supports.

Bathroom plates aft integrated into the hull on both sides for easy access. Self-draining motor tray. Wardrobe with watertight access covers. Large central wardrobe of 3.2 m, with hinged covers.

Three-seater seat aft, with access to stowage, upholstered and with upholstered backs on stainless steel supports.

GRP helmsman’s seat in “L”, with hinged rigid upholstery and access to the stowage cabinet, with stainless steel support and handrail. One-piece PRFV control console with stainless steel handrail support. 4-function electrical panel, navigation lights.
Independent board for motor instruments. Place for VHF, stereo, echo sounder / gps / plotter. Large solarium in the bow, with molded watertight stowage area.

Molded covers with termination on both sides and raised barracks. Self-draining watertight anchor box and molded anchor support. One towing / anchoring eyebolt forward and 2 aft.

STD equipment

Battery 65 a / h, and support for fixing // Battery cut-off key // Steering box and Uflex cable // Engine control cables // Watertight electrical panel 4 functions and 12v socket // Navigation lights // Pump electric bilge // Upholstered in high-density polyester and nautical leatherette 2 colors to combine with inflatable pontoon // Two steps in depth for less consumption and excellent final speed without pitching // Side half-tunnels for greater transverse stability in navigation // Mixed hull: Deep “V” and high glide surface.


Total length:
5,92 m

Maximun sleeve:
2,65 m

0,91 m

Tube Diameter:
0,5 m

Tube material:
PVC soldado

Max power:
115 HP

Max speed (115HP):
42 nudos (80 km/h)

Engine weight:
250 kg

Maximum capacity:
7 personas

Maximum load:
665 kg